My Quest for the truth led me here

A child of the 90s, I was raised on AOL, MTV and processed food. I looked at the screen too much, ate too much junk food, and spent too much time worrying about the latest celebrity scandal (currently the one where they bribe colleges to let in their unqualified children). Like many other children of the 90s, my health suffered because of it.

I dreamt of a different life but like many of us…I had no clue where to start.

So I did a cleanse and started doing yoga.

And then, magically… I had all the answers!

Just kidding… I’ve been hard at work for the last 10 years working on better understanding our health, wellness, and food industry. I’ve learned how to cook from scratch, how to grow my own food, and how to overcome my self-doubt.

I’m passionate about living my best life and hope you are too!

From deepening your connection with nature, to understanding all the grocery store labels, to the best fermented mustard recipe, to the how-to’s of shopping at a farmers market. Nourished Consumer will become your go-to resource for all things real food.

Thanks for joining me on the journey of conscious consumerism!


Nourished Consumer

From fad diet nutrition to independently verified labels, our food choices are becoming harder to navigate by the second. One moment fat is bad, the next it’s good, and then it’s bad again, but only if you eat it between 8pm and 8am. No wonder our country is the fat and sickest it has ever been. If you’re like me, you may find yourself paralyzed by all the choices, not knowing where to look for the real information. Luckily, I’m hard at work to break through the nonsense and empower each of us to find our own food truth.


Rewilding with Ritual

Rituals can be elaborate celebrations like a bat mitzvah or wedding, but they can also be simple, daily acts done with intention. For eons, humans have used rituals as a way to respect and honor important plants and animals in their ecosystem. We’ve turned traditional, ritual-esque practices, like the Yule tree, into consumer-driven holidays that focus less on relationships and more on things. I invite you to practice rituals that serve as a reconnection to our natural world.

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Holistic Lifestyle Management

Have you ever wanted to change so bad that you did it overnight? Yeah, that was my wish too. Many of us are aware of things we’d like to change but feel like we never have the time or energy to do so. Through trial and error, I’ve learned methods to change my own behavior and establish new habits that are aligned with my soul purpose. I’ll be creating resources to help you along your journey.