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Rewilding Rituals: Spring

Rewilding Rituals: Spring

To rewild is to restore to its natural uncultivated state.

A ritual is a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed.

A rewilding ritual is a series of actions used to restore our connection with nature. Simple rewilding rituals include listing to the bird song in the morning, watching a bug carry food across the lawn, picking and eating wild plants, or stopping to smell the roses.

Each season, I will share some rewilding rituals for you to try. Since the vernal equinox, or the first day of spring, is next week, it seems fitting for my first set of rituals to be shared during this time of reawakening.

Ritual Inspiration:

—> Ground into Earth.


Feel Earth’s Energy

Walk barefoot on the Earth for five minutes. For some of us, this may be on snow, but for others, this will be in the mud. During this barefoot embrace, express gratitude for nature’s abundance with your thoughts. Try doing this every day for a week and journaling what came up for you during this 5 minute grounding experience.

—> Watch a plant grow.

If you take daily walks, choose a place you frequent often and watch as new green life emerges from the soil. I have a favorite spring hiking trail and love watching the lupines emerge from their winter hiding place.

—> Harvest sap.

Harvesting sap medicine happens in the early springtime throughout North America. Maple and birch trees are tapped for their sweet syrupy sap, while cottonwood and willow buds are harvested for their pain-relieving qualities. Spring is the time that the sap flows from the roots of the trees back into the trunk and out to form new branches and leaves. Making medicine from tree sap is potent and best in the springtime. When wildcrafting, be sure to honor the plant and ask for permission before harvesting. Leaving a gift of gratitude is also part of the ritual so bring along a rock or seed to leave behind.

—> Listen to the birds.

If you have a yard, garden, or patio, count how many different bird songs you hear during the sunrise or sunset. Count how many different types of birds you see. Try to identify these birds and note when they come and go from your natural space.


Herbal Allies

Nettles, Thyme, Calendula, & Yarrow Pictured Here

—> Drink a glass of herbal infused water each day.

Choose an herb from your garden or use dried herbs for making an infusion. Sip on this herb water once daily, while allowing yourself to really tune in to how the fresh herbs taste.

—> Clean up your yard or garden.

Tidying or spring cleaning is a way to clear out the past clutter and invite in new energy. Making a spring cleaning ritual (versus cleaning up in the fall) lets you leave crucial plant matter in and on the soil throughout the winter months, helping your soil thrive.

—> Stimulate detoxification and elimination.

If you choose to cleanse, do so with intention. A full-body cleanse can be much needed after a long winter of warming, hearty foods, little sunlight, and cold temperatures. Warming up the body and getting ready for spring can be done in ways that offer support and make us feel better. I like gentle cleanses where I reduce my food intake for a few days, cutting out all caffeine, sugar, and flour. Some of you may enjoy a deeper cleanse using herbs to help stimulate your body’s elimination pathways. Spring greens, like nettles and dandelion, are great for supporting these pathways. If you don’t want to cleanse just increase your bitter greens intake and your body will be in flow with the seasons.

Find Your Flow

It is important to remember that honoring however you are called to connect with nature is the best choice for you. All of the recommended rituals have worked for me but you may find something you love more. This is all about learning how to embody yourself and deepen your connection with nature. There is no right or wrong, but you do have to try. I’d love to hear what works for you!

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