Hello, my name is Amy Rose Mattias.

I’m a mountain town homesteader, community food system strategist, seed saver, farm-to-fork storyteller, kitchen witch, and dog mom of three.

My life’s work is to promote honorable exchange in our homes, communities, and the marketplace. I hope this site inspires you to join in on the path to conscious consumerism.  


I serve as co-director of the Local Food Alliance, a program of the Sun Valley Institute. Working alongside other community seed savers, I co-manager of our local seed library, the Wood River Seed Library. I’m the board secretary for the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture and sit on the Blaine County Food Council. I volunteer with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Hunger Coalition.

I work as a freelancer creating food and agricultural related websites, helping businesses and organizations with digital presence and storytelling. Other freelance work I do includes recipe development, writing assignments, food photography, and more. You can contact me via email.

I have created and/or manage the following websites:

Blaine County Food Council

Kraay’s Market & Garden

Wood River Valley HarvestFest

Local Food Alliance

Professional Bio:

Amy Mattias is the co-director of Local Food Alliance, a program of the Sun Valley Institute. Amy Joined LFA in fall of 2017 to deepen our ability to connect the dots among consumers, producers and elsewhere in our local and regional food system. Amy serves on the Blaine County Food Council, is a board member of Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture and has worked with numerous local organizations committed to the local food movement, including Wood River Valley HarvestFest, Idaho’s Bounty, NourishMe and Kraay’s Market & Garden. Amy created Kraay's Market & Garden's website and online ordering platform, expanded their vendor network, and increased awareness and sales throughout the Wood River Valley. Amy has created digital presences for food related entities, such as Wood River Valley HarvestFest and Blaine County Food Council.

Prior to moving to Idaho, Amy graduated from Western Michigan University, magna cum laude, in Sociology and Organizational Communications. She worked as the Communications & Operations Specialist for an herbal supplement company and as a small business consult for Rupert's Brew House, a micro-brewery, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Amy is passionate about regenerative agriculture, preserving farmland & agricultural heritage, and community resilience.